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Refresh Your Résumé


Résumés need a fresh look! Whether you are a recent college grad or have 25 years of experience, we have the know-how to produce a résumé that is in sync with today’s competitive job market. 

Résumés are somewhat like fashion trends --what worked in spring may not necessarily work in fall. Incorporating current buzz words and field specific verbiage can show that you are hip to the market trends. 

We can help you add dollar power to your résumé by:

  • Selecting the most appropriate format for the specific type of career you are seeking

  • Quickly grabbing the employer’s attention so you don’t get passed over 

  • Creating enthusiasm by highlighting your experience and accomplishments

  • Eliminating typos and grammatical errors

  • Editing down so as to not overwhelm with too much information


Résumé Services:

Overhaul, start-to-finish - $250

Makeover - $50 per hour (minimum one hour)

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