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  • Anticipate travel time. If necessary, do a test run the day before to acclimate yourself to the building location, parking availability, etc.

  • Upon arriving outside of the building, TURN OFF your cell phone.

  • Do not apply cosmetics in the lobby while waiting for your interviewer. Remember, the walls have eyes.

  • Bring along a traditional, unbranded business pen with black ink.

  • While waiting to interview, choose “winner” reading material, like the company’s brochure or a business magazine, i.e., Forbes or Newsweek (no People Magazine, etc.). Some clients use it as a test to determine who is seriously interested in business.

  • You will absolutely need your résumé with you. Bring more than one copy as you may be interviewing with several people at once. Bring at least five résumés printed on bond paper, placed in a business portfolio or folder. The résumés should not be folded or wrinkled.

  • Arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to your interview unless instructed otherwise. TIP: Interacting with the receptionist and people walking by, whether it is a simple hello or a smile, will go a long way.

  • Questions are a necessity (preferably memorized). Be prepared to have at least ten questions to ask the interviewer about the job or the company. If you don’t want the job, just think of generic questions. If you really want to be considered for the job, you will need to put some effort into the type of questions you are prepared to ask. Think outside of the box when preparing your list of questions. The more unique your prepared questions are phrased, the more you show the interviewer that you are someone who stands out from the other applicants. If you are not interested in their company, they will not be interested in you.

  • Remember to ask for a business card from every person you meet. If you fail to do this, there is a good chance the receptionist will have the cards of the people you met. The cards are necessary as e-mailed and hard copies of thank you notes must be sent out on the same day. Sometimes e-mails get lost in a crowded inbox. Therefore, a hard copy of your thank you note must be sent. A generic thank you note will not get you the job. Interviewers judge your writing skills, your thought process, your energy and your follow-up skills on the content of your thank you note.

  • NEVER contact the client via telephone or e-mail, other than your thank you note, unless instructed by Genesis Recruiting.

  • Upon your departure from the interview, at your first opportunity after leaving the building, you MUST call your recruiter at Genesis. If you are unable to reach your recruiter, it is necessary for you to leave a message in your recruiter’s voicemail, not the general voicemail, detailing your experience at the interview.

  • How do you think it went? How did the interviewer leave things with you? Are you interested in the job?  On a scale of 1-10, how did you feel the interview went and how do you see yourself fitting into the organization? This feedback is necessary from you, as the client will call and ask what you thought of the position. I must have the information from you to be able to provide it to them.

  • There is a very good chance you will be asked back for a second interview. We cannot be hunting you down looking for you. If you are “amongst the missing,” it does not speak well of you or your recruiter.




  • In order to make this experience a profitable one for all of us, the following instructions must be adhered to in the interview process: 

  • Every client has different procedures they want us to follow. Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining a position, you must follow the procedures our client has established.  

  • If a client determines they would like to interview you (via telephone or in person), it is your responsibility to do extensive research to educate yourself about this company so you can engage in an intelligent exchange. If you are not up-to-speed with information relating to the company, we reserve the right to cancel your interview. Remember, the client is paying your fee, they expect a candidate who is well versed in their business. 

  • Appointments for interviews cannot be broken. Broken appointments, especially without a 48-hour notice, make all of us look bad. Canceling appointments falls into the “no excuses” category.

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