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Hire a Coach!


If you want to land that perfect job, you need coaching from Genesis!  

We know the questions employers will ask. When you have been thoroughly prepared for interviews by us, you will be at the top of your game and feel in control during the interview process. This eliminates the common dread of interviewing. With our help, you will go into your interview educated and prepared. Genesis will provide you with the skills you need to ace that interview and get your dream job. 

Our Coaching Will:

  • Build your confidence through continuous role playing

  • Help identify your strong points and how to sell them

  • Take the intimidation out of interviewing

  • Turn your weak points into strong points

  • Teach you how to interview the interviewer

  • Help in closing the interview and securing your future

  • Give your attitude a tune up


Additionally, Genesis will do the initial company research for you, gathering the information pertaining to annual sales revenue, principal lines of business and the technology they employ. Just visiting the website of the company you are meeting for the interview will not get you the job. A professional recruiting coach will teach you how to make them think you are the only player on the field worth drafting.


Coaching Services:


  • Identify who their ideal candidate is and convince them that it is YOU;

  • Critical questions to ask the employer;

  • Communication tips and techniques;

  • How to overcome the common interview pitfalls;

  • Dress for Success Wardrobe Consultation;

  • Move to the next level in the hiring process and increase your value;

  • Get the job with top pay and benefits.


Face-to-Face or by phone - $225/hr

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